Getting started - general guide

Getting started - general guide


Purpose of this article is to provide you of the most essential links and knowledge to get you first started on myDRE platform.

Getting started

Is your organisation not a customer yet? Please contact for more information

Navigating inside your workspace

In this section we provide information regarding different sections of your workspace.

Virtual machines

Adding and deleting virtual machines

New workspaces are generated without existing virtual machines. Before you can start your analysis within myDRE, please deploy your first virtual machine.
Please read more on different types of virtual machines here:
  1. Windows virtual machines
  2. Linux virtual machines
  3. Spot virtual machines
  4. Virtual machine types
Workspace Accountable or Privileged member is able to perform this action.
  1. Adding virtual machine

  1. Deleting virtual machine
  2. Before deletion, virtual machine needs to be deallocated. 

Starting, connecting and stopping virtual machines

Virtual machines can have different states, depending on the state you are able to perform actions on the virtual machine. In order to connect to a VM, it needs to be started and have status Running. Please do not forget to deallocate the VM once done with your work, to prevent costs from incurring. 
  1. Starting VM to connect:

  1. Connecting to a VM via RDP:
RDP file is downloaded, once you open RDP file, enter your credentials and click OK

Some institutions do not allow RDP files to be downloaded. In that case Bastion connection can be used. When RDP connection is not allowed usually the "1-2-3 error" is shown, read more on that here
  1. Connecting to a VM via Bastion:
Enter your credentials in Azure portal in order to connect to your VM

  1. Stopping VM once done:

Resizing virtual machine

Renaming virtual machine

Give your virtual machine a friendly name. You can also reset the name by clicking Reset to original.

Generalising virtual machine

When setting up a workspace and virtual machines, we advise to create a copy of the virtual machine where all correct configurations have been set. This saves time in case virtual machine fails and new virtual machine needs to be configured. Generalised image will appear in the create a VM menu once complete. 
Please be aware that generalisation is irreversible and will create a snapshot of the original virtual machine while deleting the original VM. 

Adjusting auto-shutdown

Installing software

anDREa does not provide software support. anDREa is tool and data agnostic - you are free to install any software on the virtual machine with your own licenses. Please contact your organisation's Support team member for software-related questions.
  1. Software support
  1. Software Licenses
  2. Self-service installing apps
Be aware that some software might require external access for installation or might not be suitable for suitable. Please consult your own organisation or the software provider.


Uploading your data

Data uploads do not require virtual machines. All workspace members (except Data reader) can upload data to the workspace. Data will be always placed in a timestamped folder within Inbox folder. There is no preview option in Files tab, you can view and edit files only within a virtual machine.  
  1. Uploading files via Direct upload

  1. Uploading large files - use Azure Storage Explorer
Please do not use special characters such as + or ; in file names, this will lead to upload or download errors.
Please zip your folders prior to upload

Data snapshots

Download and transfer requests

Please select specific files for download or requests and zip your folders.
  1. Request downloading data from the workspace

  1. Downloading approved download request

  1. Request transfer data from one workspace to another

Once data transfer request will be approved, you will find your transferred file in a time stamped folder in the inbox folder:


Adding and inviting other users

As a workspace Accountable or Privileged member you can add new users to your workspace

Users need to have an existing account in order to be added to the workspace. Please see also Requesting an myDRE account
  1. Changing user roles

  1. Deleting users

  1. Roles in a workspace


Setting up budgets

External access

Opening up static IP ports

Domain allowlisting

Currently requesting domain allowlisting is ticket based, please contact your local Support member for more information and read more here.

Other useful links


Browser and cookies

Working with different profiles within your browser

Troubleshooting articles

How to contact support? How to report a bug? Create a ticket.

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