Requesting a workspace

Requesting a workspace

Are you ready to work within a workspace? Then read below how you can request a workspace.

To be able to request a workspace, you need to have an account on Note that this is not the same as your account. If you do not have an account yet, click on Sign Up and make sure to fill in your organizational e-mail address, but do not use your organizational password.
  1. Click on My Tickets at the top of the screen.
  2. Click on the Add Ticket button.

  1. Choose your organization. If your organization is not listed, then the responsibility of requesting the workspace is with one of the organizations you can choose from.

  1. Choose Request a new workspace as ticket layout and fill in the fields.
    1. Most of the time, the accountable will be requesting the workspace. In case you're not an accountable (i.e. someone who takes the responsibility, has something to say about the costs etc.), please make sure that you have permission of an accountable and provide their name and e-mail address. We will check this.
    2. We are obligated to associate a workspace with a valid cost center from your organization.
    3. Submit the ticket and it will be assigned to a support member of the chosen organization. For example, Erasmus MC tickets will be assigned to an Erasmus MC support member.
    4. You will receive instructions from the support member when the workspace has been created. The instructions usually include:
      1. Where to find your workspace.
      2. Your username.
      3. Instructions on how to activate your account.
      4. The usernames of additional workspace members and instructions on how to add them to the workspace.
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