Software Licenses

Software Licenses

License is the responsibility of the Workspace Accountable

As a Workspace Accountable, you are responsible for the licenses in your Workspace.

Make sure that members in the role Privileged Member and Advanced Member, those who can install applications, understand they have a responsibility regarding the terms and conditions of the licenses that apply for the applications in your Workspace.

Using the organization's License Servers

A Workspace lives in a Microsoft Azure Subscription of a specific organization. This organization can opt to allow their Workspaces to connect to their License Servers. Everyone within those Workspaces can then use these licenses to run the applications. See: License Server Access from anDREa (restricted article)

Non-organization Licenses

Everybody that can install applications in a Workspace is responsible for this application; including the license and its terms and conditions. anDREa plays no role in this. If an application needs to access an external license server and this cannot be done through External Access, a ticket can be submitted for assistance on best effort by your local Support Team member.

Please understand, if the request has been made by a Privileged Member or the Accountable and anDREa sees no security risks for other Workspaces, then this request will be processed; anDREa does not verify the rightfulness of the use of the application.

Bring My Own License

myDRE centres around Workspaces, not individual users. It is great that you have a portfolio of licenses you can use. However, anDREa does not offer a solution that 'automatically' makes it available to you in every Workspace you participate in. Given the complexity of licenses and their terms and conditions, this is not likely to happen. If you know your licenses can be used in a specific Workspace, please follow Non-organization Licenses. 

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