Software support

Software support

For all AUMC, EMC and UMCU workspaces: access to software using the Radboudumc license servers (e.g. Stata, Matlab, SPSS, Atlas.ti or anything that needs a license and is installed from the Install DRE applications manager) has been revoked from 01-01-2022. Each UMC will provide their own software licenses.

This means STATA, Matlab, SPSS etc. will stop working if it has been installed before 01-01-2022. Please contact your institutional support member via a ticket for which software licenses your institute provides.


With the DRE, anDREa offers a secure analysis environment. Many researchers have many needs and every researcher uses different software for their analyses. Therefore, we work with a bring-your-own principle, anDREa does not distribute software licenses. This also means that software support is not one the tasks of the Support Team (CST). For most software, you are responsible for the updates, licenses and issue management.

Workspaces that have been migrated from (Radboudumc cloud) to (anDREa cloud) can (for now and until UMC-specific licenses are in place) still make use of the 'Install DRE application manager' (VMs with template 1.0.0) until further notice. If you encounter license problems on SPSS, Matlab, Atlas.ti or Stata, please create a ticket and we'll try (at best effort) to resolve this. Please note that newly created workspaces and VMs (for AUMC, EMC and UMCU) will come without the application managerNewly created RUMC workspaces can make use of the Application Manager, which you can find in the Start menu of your VM.

For some applications, we know exactly how to install them. Please navigate to our Applications section to find some guides on how to install certain applications. 

Good practice for installing software

Install for all users

  1. Install software in admin mode, this will make the software available for all users of that VM
  2. Don't do this if the license of the software does not cover other users

Make shortcuts are available to all users

  1. Short cuts are available to all users when placed in the folder c:\users\public\desktop
  2. In windows explorer: navigate to c:\users\public and type behind it \desktop

Open ports for software that needs it

  1. As long as the IP-address doesn't change (frequently) you can have outbound access
  2. Think anaconda repos for instance

Needing IP-address but only have URL?

If only a URL is given (no IP-address)
  1. On your local machine windows key, type CMD
  2. Type: ping <url>
  3. Use the resolved IP-address
  4. Ports most used: 443, 80

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