Resize virtual machines

Resize virtual machines

This option is available for workspace Accountable, Priviledged Member and Advanced Member


myDRE features all types of VMs available on the Microsoft Azure cloud, given that the VM type is available in the Microsoft region West Europe and there is sufficient quota available. This gives you, as a researcher, a great amount of control. You can choose VMs that are specified to your needs and your budget. Throughout the lifetime of your myDRE workspace you can adjust the size of your VMs, without the need to re-install any software. 

For instance, suppose you want to train a neural network. Just before you start the learning job, simply size up your VM. This only takes a few seconds. When your results are in, you can just as easily size down your VM. You only pay more when the bigger VM is in use.

Which VM type should I use?

The default option is the B2S (2 CPU, 4 GB RAM). For most general purpose project, this is a fine choice. However, if you have additional requirements, be sure to investigate further with help of the Microsoft Azure documentation. Your local Support Team can also help you choose a suitable VM type. Be sure to contact them. Alternatively, you can also try out Microsoft Azure virtual machine selector to help you with choosing the suitable VM type. 

How to resize VMs

  1. Select the VM and click on three dots.
  2. Click on the Resize button in the menu

  1. Select the correct virtual machine type family (VM series) first in the menu

  1. Next you can select a specific virtual machine type. On the right hand side you will see revisions to your virtual machine regarding the CPU, RAM and costs. 

  1. Click on Resize
  2. Confirmation popup will ask you to confirm the changes > Select Yes

  1. After a couple of seconds, your VM should be resized.


The VM type I want is not available in the resize menu

  1. Is the VM type that you want not available, but you know for sure it is available in the West Europe region? Contact your local support team member via a ticket and the VM type will be added to the list. Please specify in the ticket which workspace and VM is this regarding and which virtual machine type should be made available. 
  2. Is the VM type that you want not available in the Resize menu but it's available in the Create virtual machine menu? Then this virtual machine type is not compatible with existing virtual machine. Please create a new virtual machine or choose another virtual machine type. Please read more

I get the following error message when trying to resize

  1. There is not sufficient quota (Increasing quota)for this virtual machine type. Please contact your local support team member via a ticket and ask for increasing quota. Please specify in the ticket which workspace is this regarding and to which virtual machine type you are trying to resize. 

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