Overview Agreements

Overview Agreements

Version 2023-12-16


This article lists all relevant agreements that apply to the use of myDRE.
Because myDRE is an as-a-Service platform that also enables collaboration in variety of ways between organisations, anDREa strongly strives to use the same agreements and standards.

  1. Next Steps in detail - from interest to full onboarding
  2. myDRE The Agreement - CONCEPT
    1. myDRE Licence Agreement Generic - more details
    2. BoZ-model-data-processing-agreement-2022
      1. Clarification Data Access on myDRE - substantiation why anDREa is processor for all myDRE related services
    3. ARBIT 2022 - (General Government Terms and Conditions for IT Contracts 2022)
      1. Articles 22.1, and 22.2 of the ARBIT do not apply.
        “anDREa BV may replace persons charged with the implementation of the Agreement. The Client cannot refuse the replacement(s).”
      2. Article 26.2 deviation
        "the amount of anDREa BV's liability for any damage cannot exceed the total amount EUR 750.000,- per calendar year"
      3. Article 29.2 deviation
        "anDREa BV's liability insurance policy covers EUR 750.000,- per calendar year"
    4. Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    5. End User Licence Agreement (EULA)

Optional Services and Agreements

  1. Additional Local Research Support Account
  2. Support as-a-Service
  3. Outside SLA Requests

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