anDREa Service Level Agreement

anDREa Service Level Agreement

First version: 2021-12-19
Last updated: 2023-11-28
Last change: Banner on top

anDREa reserves the right to modify the EULA and SLA at any time in its sole discretion. Changes will be effective upon the posting of the modifications on the EULA and, and SLA or when otherwise communicated to the Client. The Client's continued use of the Services after any such changes shall constitute consent to such changes. The Client is responsible for regularly reviewing the most current version of the EULA and SLA.

Applicable to:

  1. anDREa / myDRE standard services
  2. anDREa / myDRE optional services


Prio 1 tickets
- Unavailability impacting > 20% of the users/Workspaces
- (Suspected) Security/Privacy compromise
Prio 2 tickets- Approved Outside SLA Requests
Prio 3 tickets- Any other

Response times

These are the recommended response times for the Support Teams (local).
Recommended response
Creating Workspace
< 8 working hours
Add new user**
< 8 working hours
Responding to prio 1 tickets
< 2 working hours
Responding to prio 2 tickets
< 8 working hours
Responding to prio 3 tickets
< 3 working days

** not all Support Teams are allowed to create new users.
For activities the local Support Team is not privileged, the corresponding SLA shifts to anDREa Support Team SLA.

anDREa Support Team

Add new user**< 8 working hours
Responding to prio 1 tickets< 2 working hours
Responding to prio 2 tickets< 8 working hours
Responding to prio 3 tickets< 3 working days
Respond to (local) Support Team tickets
< 4 working hours

Core functionalities & Responsibilities
Local Support Team
anDREa Support Team
Add Azure Subscription

X: via ticket, requires Tenant
Move back Azure Subscription

X*: via Tenant CSP, does not require anDREa
X: via ticket, requires Tenant
Create/modify user account

X**: via ticket, in Azure Portal via PIM
X: via ticket,  in Azure Portal via PIM
Add Workspace

X: via ticket, special situations only
Delete Workspace

X: via ticket
Add VM
Privileged Member/Owner

Modify VM
Privileged Member/Owner

Start/Deallocate VM
Member and higher

Ingress Data
Member and higher

Egress Data
Members and higher, requires approval of Privileged Member/Owner

Add/remove members
Privileged Member/Owner

Create Outbound rules
Privileged Member/Owner

Turn on/off outbound rules
Privileged Member/Owner

KPIs & Metrics

The KPIs & Metrics exclude:
  1. Issues with Microsoft Azure or related services like MFA
  2. Issues with on-premise infrastructure (license servers and on-premise storage)
  3. Issues due to local policies/security measures that impede access to, or RDP-sessions
  4. Issues with ZoHo desk (
    1. : Classic
  5. Issues caused by users, issues like:
    1. Insufficient free OS-disk space (ticket can be created to increase OS-disk)
    2. Changing or trying to change network configurations or authentication

While anDREa has a strong preference for self-service, either by 

Per 4 weeks (=4 weeks * 7 days * 24 hours= 672 hours)

Actual availability availability according to KPI availability incl. Microsoft Azure availability


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