Atlas.ti 9 requires users to register their copy of the program. This has to do with keeping track of the number of concurrent users of the program. Registration within virtual machines (without internet connection) requires following the steps described below.

Installing Atlas.ti

Before installing Atlas.ti, you need .NET Framework 4.8 or higher. This version can be installed from the Application Installer available on virtual machines created from a RUMC template. This installation takes several minutes and requires a restart of your machine - the machine will stay in status 'running', but you need to wait a few minutes before connecting to it again.  You can then install Atlas.ti, also from the Application Installer.

Figure 1

Alternatively, a .exe file is available after activation of the license invitation in your Atlas.ti account (see below under Validating your Atlas.ti license). Simply download the executable for Windows on your own computer and upload it to your workspace, then run it on your virtual machine.

Validating your Atlas.ti license

To register your copy of Atlas.ti, follow these steps (figures can be found below):

Step1: Within Radboudumc VMWare / Werkplek:
  1. Open File Explorer (Verkenner) and go to the folder W:\Software\Atlas.ti\
  2. Open the file license2021-2022.txt and copy the invite URL.
  3. Paste the URL in a browser (do not use Internet Explorer), this will bring you to the Atlas.ti login page.
  4. If you do not have an Atlas.ti account yet, create one by clicking on Create an account! The Radboudumc license will now automatically be linked to your account (if not, use the invitation key in the abovementioned .txt file).
Step2: Within your virtual machine:
  1. Install Atlas.ti 9 on your virtual machine and start the program.
  2. Wait for the 'No internet connection' message to pop up and choose 'Validate offline' (Figure 2).
  3. Click on 'Save Request File' and save the file Atlas.ti License Request.html to your Z: (data) drive (Figures 3-5).
  4. Do not close the 'Offline Validation' window, you will come back to this later!
Step3: On computer with internet access (e.g., minimize your VM window):
  1. Download the license request file from the DRE portal (Figure 6) and save it to your computer.
  2. Open the file (this will bring you to the Atlas.ti login page again).
  3. Log in and download the response file to your computer.
  4. Upload the response file to your workspace (Figure 7).
Step4: Within your virtual machine (e.g., maximize your VM window again):
  1. In the 'Offline Validation' window (Figure 3), click on 'Open Response File'.
  2. Select the response file on your Z: (data) drive.
  3. Click on 'Validate License'.
Keep the response file on your Z:-drive or save it locally on the C:-drive of your virtual machine! You need to repeat the last three steps every time you start Atlas.ti.

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Figure 6

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Questions or problems?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this program, please contact us by submitting a ticket on the support website.