Important! This image may only be deployed in UMC Groningen workspaces. It is not permitted to deploy the template in a workspace of a different workspace. Thanks for understanding!

Deploying this VM template in a different workspace will render SPSS unusable. If you're looking for a similar template as the on described below but without SPSS, please use the VM template: Windows-OSDS/1.0.0.

Windows-UMCG-SPSS/0.0.1 Open Source Data Science + SPSS VM template


  1. Windows Server 2019

Web browsers

  1. Chrome (default)
  2. Microsoft Edge


  1. Notepad++: 7.9.5
    1. Set as default according Notepad++
  2. Z-zip

Post VM creation


  1. Prior to install packages, run R/RStudio in admin mode and run the following command
  1. options(download.file.method = "libcurl", repos = c("CRAN" = ""))
  1. Create External Access Rule

Applications pre-installed


  1. Configured according R and Rstudio
  2. To add packages see Create External Access Rule for the Workspace
  1. R: 4.1.0
  2. Rstudio: 1.4.1106
    1. Sys.setenv(TZ='GMT')
  3. rtools: 40v2-x86_64
    1. How to use, see Authentication for using CastorR


  1. Configured according to Python, Miniconda, Jupyterlab & Python Packages
  2. To add Conda-Forge packages see  Open Ports Anaconda
  1. Miniconda3-py39_4.9.2-Windows-x86_64
    1. Installed: conda install -c conda-forge tabulate openpyxl numpy pandas matplotlib seaborn castorapi bs4 tqdm pandasgui plotly 
  2. Jupyterlab
    1. Known issues
      1. jupyter lab build fails due to no internet
      2. plotly cannot show in cell, use for instance:
        import as px
        from plotly.offline import plot
        import numpy as np
        t = np.linspace(0, 2*np*pi, 100)
        fig = px.line(x=t, y=np.cos(t))
  3. cbsodata-1.3.4-py3-non-any.whl
    1. How to use, see CBS Open Data
    1. How to use, see Getting Secrets

Libre Office

  1. Libre Office: 7.1.3 win_x64
    1. LibreOffice_7.1.3_winx64_helppack_en-US
  1. cbsodata-1.3.4-py3-non-any.whl
    1. How to use, see CBS Open Data
    1. How to use, see Getting Secrets


  1. Connected to the UMC Groningen SPSS license server

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