Uploading your data

Uploading your data

Both Owners and Members can upload files to the workspace.
A data upload or download does not require a running Virtual Machine.
If you're uploading a folder with many subfolders, make a zip file.

To work in your DRE workspace, you of course need data. Each workspace is therefore by default equipped with a fileshare. All workspace members can bring files into that share, whether they are an Owner or a regular Member. There are a number of ways to upload data. The easist is to upload through the Files tab in the myDRE web portal. Please find a short introduction to the Files tab below. For more information, refer to the Uploading your data article.

The files tab in the myDRE portal

In the myDRE web portal, each workspace has a 'Files' tab. In the Files tab, you can upload files and folders, and you can view what's already present within the fileshare. Please note that in the portal, you'll only be able to view titles and metadata; you cannot open the files from here - this is only possible within the VMs. This is to prevent users from creating local copies on their own machines. Of course, users can still download files to their local computers, but only with approval: read more about this in our article on Downloading and transferring files via data requests.
To upload you data in Files, you can either click on the upload button, or drag-and-drop folders/files from your file explorer into the screen. This will both start an upload, in which your files will be placed into a so-called 'blob' container. Consider this container a 'transit' location. Once all files are uploaded to the container, you'll be prompted to import the container. This will move your files definitvely into the fileshare. 

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