Proxy configurations Anaconda / miniConda

Proxy configurations Anaconda / miniConda

version: 2022-10-31


For general domain whitelisting setup, please read more here.
Certain software might need manual proxy configurations to be set in the software settings, before the software is able to reach domains through a proxy. In this article we describe how to manually configure Anaconda/Miniconda proxy settings.



Install Anaconda/Miniconda

  1. Whitelist the required domains
    1. For now this needs to be done by submitting a ticket
  2. In the VM open the browser and navigate to:
    1. for Miniconda
    2. for Anaconda
  3. Install a version

Post install

  1. Windows Charm -> type: Anaconda Prompt
  2. Right click > more > run as admin
  3. Type the script below
  4. Close the Anaconda Prompt
You can now use conda install -c conda-forge and pip install in Anaconda Prompt to install Python packages

Script to type

Type this line by line with every line followed by ENTER
  1. conda config --prepend channels conda-forge
  2. conda config --append channels defaults
  3. conda config --set channel_priority flexible
  4. conda config --set proxy_servers.http
  5. conda config --set proxy_servers.https
  6. conda config --set ssl_verify false
  7. conda config --set pip_interop_enabled true

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