I cannot see my workspaces

I cannot see my workspaces

When logged into DRE, you should see an overview of your workspaces.

Do you get the message 'Workspaces loading'?

The most common reason for this is that necessary cookies are blocked. DRE only runs on certain browsers with cookies enabled. Cookies may be blocked because:
  1. You are using a cookie blocker
  2. You are using a browser that by default blocks or doesn't allow cookies (Safari, Firefox Focus, etc)
The solution is to use a recent version of Chrome, Edge or Firefox, and to switch off any cookie blocker app/widget/extension.
Please refer to our article on Browsers & Cookies for further information.

Do you get the messages 'No workspaces to display'?

The workspace has most likely not been created yet by the (Core) Support Team. Or you have not been added yet to the workspace by one of the respective owners. Please contact the owners of the particular workspace to be added.