RESOLVED: File Share not accessible

RESOLVED: File Share not accessible

The issue
A number of users experience after the migrations the following:
  1. No files/folders visible in the Files Tab
  2. No share with files/folders visible in the VM

The above is an access issue, no data is lost.

Update: 2021-03-25 @12:39
  1. Root cause identified, working on a fix.

Update: 2021-03-25 @14:47
  1. The Workspaces migrated on Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd should be working correctly now
  2. We are still busy to fix the Workspaces migrated on Wednesday the 24th.
  3. Next update @16:00

Update: 2021-03-25 @15:41
  1. The Workspaces migrated between Monday 22nd and Wednesday 24th should be working correctly now.
If you experience Share related issues, please submit a ticket at

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