Setting up for Direct Access

Castor is a cloud-based clinical data platform, enabling researchers to easily capture and integrate data from clinicians, patients, devices, wearables, and EHR systems.

The Castor data capture system is available through their website

The Virtual Machines (VMs) however do not allow internet access in your workspace. By opening up a specific internet port you can access the Castor website to download the data to your secure workspace for immediate analysis.

Opening up internet ports is a feature for Workspace Owners, however once opened they will be open for all the members in the workspace. We advise to close internet ports when they are not needed.
  1. Navigate to your workspace and go to the tab External Access.
  2. Click the green and white plus button on the top left (Create new rule) and a pop-up will appear.
  3. Fill in the following details as depicted in the screenshot. You can replace xxx by your own workspace ID number. Press Save.

    Rule Name
    IP Address
    Accessing Castor from within Workspace

  1. Your new port rule will appear in the list, however it will be inactive. Tick the box and a new pop-up will appear. Opening up ports will come with implications. Read this carefully. When you accept the implications, tick the Yes, I accept [name] box and press Submit. The internet port is now open for the selected VM. Simply untick the box of a specific rule to disable and close the internet port.

The Castor website might be a bit slow to load.
Signing up to Castor must be done on your own desktop, not in the VM. This does not work! Be sure to prepare this in advance.
  1. You can now log in to the VM on which you have the internet port opened, open Google Chrome and type in This should now be accessible and you can now log in to the Castor website to retrieve your data. The advantage is that you can export Castor data immediately into a secure environment. Moreover, you can use tools like R and Python to directly connect with Castor.

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