[RESOLVED] Z: drive and domain allowlisting unavailable - Workaround for Z:

[RESOLVED] Z: drive and domain allowlisting unavailable - Workaround for Z:

Version: 2023-03-24


The Z: drive was not visible in the myDRE Workspaces due to an issue at Microsoft leaving proxy instances in an unhealthy state. The issue has been resolved. We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause you.

What happened?

On 2023-03-23 at 18:26 (Amsterdam Time Zone), we received the first ticket regarding the Z: drive being invisible within the VM. 


The myDRE platform is built on Microsoft Azure. On 2023-03-23 Microsoft admitted Azure Resource Manager failed after code changeAzure Resource Manager (ARM) provides a centralized way to manage and deploy resources in Azure, allowing for efficient management and automation of resources. There was a pipeline run that usually configures DRE environment. That pipeline is supposed to be incremental, and not overwrite existing configurations. Due to the ARM issue at Microsoft it ran and overwrote the firewall and other resource configurations and left them in unusable freshly deployed state. So far, we have only seen that the proxy server is affected by this issue but there might be other resources. The proxy server is needed for seeing the Z: drive and domain allowlisting. 


The anDREa development team has re-run the resource specific scripts and deployments to try and restore their desired state. The issue has been resolved.

Workaround (no longer needed)

  1. In your VM go to the magnifying glass on the bottom left and type 'proxy settings' and click on Change proxy settingsUnder Manual proxy setup turn Use a proxy server to Off
  2. Open File Explorer and go to This PC > Windows (C:) > Scripts. Run the script MountStorageDrivetoVirtualMachine with Powershell. You should then have access to your Z: drive again. Currently, there is no workaround for domain allowlisting.


So far, we have received 6 support tickets regarding this issue. However, this impacts all Workspaces, as all Workspaces make use of the proxy. 

Next steps

As this was an issue on Microsoft's end and myDRE depends on Microsoft Azure, there is not much we can do prevent this issue from happening.

Event log - real time updates

2023-03-24 @ 10:42
The proxy instances are stable again. The Z: drive should be visible again and domain allowlisting should be possible again. If your VM was already running, you might need a restart to see the Z: drive again. Please submit a ticket if this is not the case.
2023-03-24 @ 09:58
Root cause identified. The anDREa development team is working on a solution. A workaround to access your Z: drive is posted. The next update will follow at 11:00 (Amsterdam Time Zone).
2023-03-23 @ 18:26
Issue first reported. Root cause investigation started shortly after.

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