This is an Linux Ubuntu 20 base image provided by anDREa. 

This image is especially intended for being used in combination with a GPU virtual machine. Please read more about suitable virtual machine types here or ask your local support team member for more information. 

How to install NVIDIA GPU drivers on the VM

1. Submit a ticket to your local support asking for installation of NVIDIA GPU drivers (do not forget to mention your workspace name and the name of the virtual machine)
Be aware that for successful installation your workspace will need to have access to internet and have the following domains whitelisted:

Be aware that domain whitelisting will bring along risks if you have any data in your workspace. 
Opening ports reduce security and auditability. 

2. Ensure that the VM is using a virtual machine type with a NVIDIA GPU attached. These virtual machine types start with the letter 'N', for example 'NC4as T4'
3. Ensure that VM operating system is supported by the NVIDIA GPU extension. 

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