Improved / New Features

Improved / New Features

New & Improved Features

TAB: Virtual Machines
  • The VM can be quickly accessed in
    For trouble shooting, looking at performance metrics, etc.
    • For example: when your VM is stuck in Unknown status, you can quickly access your VM in the Aure Portal to start and stop it.

TAB: Files
  • List view by default.
  • Button to open Data Requests in separate tab.

TAB: Members
  • After inviting a member with their, the 'alternate' email address is visible for verification, identification, and contact.

TAB: External Access
  • External Access is now on Workspace level rather than VM level.

TAB: Contact Details (new)
  • First iteration with basic info. The idea is here to see Cost Center, name of Accountable, Study ID.

Bugs resolved

  • Virtual Machines
    • TAB:
      • It is now clearly marked RED when a VM has its auto shutdown disabled.
        It is recommended for deallocated VMs to resize them if they are large and to enable auto shutdown
      • If resizing is pressed again, the SKU list appears as it should.
      • VMs are sorted alphabetically (original VM name) in list view.
      • When deploying a new VM the E10 OS-disk is deployed by default.
    • Only Owners can install applications.
  • Files
    • TAB: 
      • Removed the column last modified.
      • This was not filled, trying to fill it results in very laggy interaction.
  • Members
    • TAB:
      • No longer multiple pop-ups when removing a member.